We’re passionate about growing people

From leadership and delivery teams to board members and Government, we’ve trained and coached hundreds of individuals to understand and implement agile in practical working environments.

Our trainers are some of the best in the business. For instance, Peter Stansbury is the lead author of the new internationally recognised AgileDS™ qualification. Geof Ellingham is the Chair of the Agile Business Consortium, whose qualification it is. Every trainer has extensive experience in practical application of agile approaches to organisational change and to digital service development, coaching and training.

We offer two public courses:

AgileDS™ for anyone working in an agile environment, digital project or programme and Agile for Business Leaders, for those in senior leadership positions.

In addition, we offer private, bespoke courses and coaching for your specific organisational needs.

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Agile Digital Services (AgileDS™)

The AgileDS™ qualification is a new APMG accredited course from the Agile Business Consortium. It brings agile to life by applying it to the practical implementation of digital services. Introducing and developing agile philosophy, the course has been designed to boost the effectiveness of members of multi-disciplinary delivery teams.

The AgileDS™ course is for anyone working in an agile environment, digital project or programme. The 4-day course includes both the foundation and practitioner exams, leading to industry recognised qualifications.

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Alternatively, we can deliver the course privately for your organisation, at a location and date that suits you.

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Agile for Business Leaders

Effective leadership and business engagement are fundamental to the success of any agile programme.

The Agile for Business Leaders course is designed to give those in leadership positions the knowledge and information they need to make sure the’yre able to engage in the right way for success. The course is highly interactive, using a combination of practical exercises, small group work and instructor-facilitated conversations.

The 1-day course is designed to give a flavour of agile and what it feels like to be part of a new way of delivering change. It gives leaders the questions to ask agile teams, the behaviours leaders need to exhibit to help agile teams and helps leaders recognise symptoms of when agile isn’t working as well as it should. The course includes a one-to-one follow up session.

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This course is for individuals in senior leadership positions including board members, department heads and programme heads. You don’t need any previous knowledge of, or exposure to, agile methods.

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