Achieving a work-life balance

Davina Sirisena Blog

Five years ago, I co-started a startup: Agilesphere. Agilesphere is a consultancy that specialises in digital transformation. We’ve grown really quickly, have lots of interesting work and now have over a hundred consultants out delivering for our clients. In the early days, we did pretty much everything ourselves in terms of running the business, but now we’ve got a great …

Delivery increments and the Procrustean time box

Tom Ayerst Blog

Iteration-based delivery processes like Scrum usually deliver in two-week batches, but often our stories don’t fit this structure and we solve this by arbitrarily cutting up stories or stretching them across multiple iterations. As Scrum is probably the best known iteration-based process and I’ve seen it implemented in multiple teams, I’ll use it as an example. What does Scrum look …

Creating user-tested designs: a whistle stop tour

Hiren Shah Blog

At Agilesphere, we help our clients deliver while constantly learning, adapting and having fun. From digitising public services on large government projects to making sure our clients are meeting the Digital Service Standard, user needs are taken into account from start to finish. An essential part of each and every project we work on is user research. Why user research …

Creating user-tested designs, properly

Hiren Shah White paper

One thing government IT projects do well (compared to the private sector) is focus on user research. User research is an essential part of Agilesphere projects and is led by user needs – letting the product develop into its rightful state. Effective user research requires efficient designs for user testing. In order to create user tested designs from the user …

My journey into a career in tech

Davina Sirisena Blog

I was recently reminiscing with some female colleagues about how we each made the somewhat unusual choice of a career in tech.  As a CxO at Agilesphere, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve always had a passion for technology. But before I went to university, computing and coding didn’t even enter my vocabulary.  Here’s my early story … Remember Clippy? …

Why coding should be mandatory in schools

Davina Sirisena Blog

2018 is an important year. It marks the centenary of women (some, not all) having the right to vote. And it’s also the Year of Engineering – a government campaign recognising the importance of engineering across the UK to inspire and encourage young individuals to get involved. Currently, only 17% of people working in technology in the UK are female, with …

Key issues in tech ethics

Jeremy Renwick Blog

There’s definitely something about attending meetings at the Houses of Parliament. The corridors of power oozing history, the sense of events happening around you and the hint of a promise of a smidge of influence. So having the opportunity to opine on “What are the most pressing issues in tech ethics?” was too good an opportunity to miss. The big …

Agilesphere Founders: Jeremy Renwick, Davina Sirisena, Hugh Ivory

Claiming the CxO title for agile leadership

Davina Sirisena Blog

Leading Agilesphere Over the last few years, Hugh, Jeremy and I have each brought our complementary leadership strengths to Agilesphere. It’s the combination that has made Agilesphere the success it is today. We work well together, we lean on each other, and our relationship is an equal one in terms of skills, experience and effort. None of us could have …


Davina Sirisena Blog

We are proud to be working with City Hall and a number of local councils to sponsor and co-organise TeaCamp meet-ups for the LocalGovDigital London Peer Group.
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