You need developers on your team to:

  • build software with a focus on what users need from your service and how they’ll use it
  • write, adapt, maintain and support code
  • continually improve the service with new tools and techniques
  • solve technical problems

Dev Ops specialists

Web operations engineers are sometimes called systems administrators, operations engineers or site reliability engineers. They will help your service team by:

  • running your production systems
  • helping the development team build software that’s easy to use
  • working with developers to optimise existing applications and design new ones
  • encouraging everyone (developers, delivery managers, product managers) to think about how new applications will be run and maintained


The quality of any digital service is the responsibility of the entire team, but testers bring specialist skills to make sure a service is thoroughly tested. They:

  • drive quality assurance and ensures team put quality first
  • work closely with developers to develop and implement test strategy
  • make sure automation testing is in place, and carried out to the right extent and at the right levels
  • carry out exploratory, functional and non-functional testing