User researchers

Your user researcher will help you to understand your users. So your team design the right service in the right way to meet your user needs.

They will:

  • plan a programme of research for your service
  • design, conduct and analyse user research using a range of techniques
  • develop a clear understanding of and empathy for your users
  • provide guidance on design based on their understanding of your users’ needs and behaviour
  • develop a suite of user needs to guide the service development at all stages

User experience designers

Your user experience designer cares about how your service is laid out. They are in charge of designing each screen or page to visually communicate the path for a user to follow.

They will:

  • carry out design analysis to understand user and business requirements
  • analyse user journeys through the end to end service
  • create a cohesive visual style guide
  • make sure a consistent design language is applied across the product

Content designers

Your content designer is responsible for the content in your service.

They will:

  • develop content plans and strategies based on user needs
  • write for your audience – wiring clear and simple content in plain English
  • review content to make sure it’s accurate, relevant and written in line with house style
  • identify opportunities to improve content based on research and evidence
  • communicate the principles of good content design, explaining the benefits
  • work for the users of your service by challenging requests that don’t support their needs